Thinking of ways to improve your business or drive in a larger audience to your website? Starting a business blog can help you with that! Blogging has taken many by surprise when it comes to its effectiveness in converting visitors into loyal customers. According to Hubspot’s 2020 marketing statistics, blogs are one of the three fundamental types of media used in businesses content strategies. It’s important to note as well that small businesses that have blogs generate 126% more lead growth than businesses without a blog. These two facts alone should let you know that you definitely need a blog! Keep on reading to find out exactly how beneficial blogging can be for your business and website.

Keep Your Business Relevant

Google’s algorithm doesn’t want to showcase websites that seem to be abandoned or outdated. If your website is hardly ever updated, you may risk your chance of being seen by people who are in need of answers you may be able provide. Blogs offer a great space for businesses to go in depth and answer questions visitors may not find directly on your website. Incorporating a blog is perfect for letting Google know that you are alive and to keep you on their radar. This also shows visitors that you are active and are committed to giving out fresh content that may be worth the read. 

Develop Strong Relationships With Customers

Most consumers want to know that the business they decide to spend their money at cares about them and their feedback. What better way to show them you are listening by adding a comment section to your blog? At the end of a blog, a comment section should be present so readers can leave their thoughts and ask questions about what they just read. This opens the door for you to be active and respond to your audience, assuring them that they are heard. In return, your loyal customers may even give you new ideas to create future content!

Blogging Helps Out With SEO

Everyone’s goal is to be the first website that pops up in a search session. And with so much competition out there, it can seem near impossible. It’s a known fact that SEO keywords should be sprinkled throughout site pages in order to increase your search rankings. But to take it a step further, blogging gives you a chance to incorporate specific, long-tail keywords into your website without it sounding strained. Long-tail keywords are essential in the SEO ranking process because 70% of searches include long-tail keywords, which means it should be easier to draw searchers to your site by using 3+ keywords in your blog title!

Create An Email List

Building an email list is easier than it has ever been before. Email marketing has been around since the beginning of time and is still a heavy contender in increasing brand awareness and reverting customers. Creating email lists are very essential to the growth of your website because they allow a direct line of contact between you and your prospects and current customers. If you are putting out great content that sparks the interest of your visitors, they should be more willing to submit their email address and subscribe to your blog to stay informed with your business and its future plans.

Build Your Credibility

Visitors and potential clients want to know that you are an expert when it comes to providing information and services they are interested in, so your message should be clear. Have you ever come across a blog that made you scratch your head in confusion? This is something you should avoid. You do not want to give your visitors and customers confusing content to read. This will push them away from your site and they will venture off to find another blog or article that is able to convey that same message in a clearer form. But don’t worry! Building your credibility is not as hard as you think. Before submitting your blog for the world to see, make sure you have done your research. Providing false information to your audience is a quick way to lose your followers’ trust and any future credibility.

Ready To Add A Blog To Your Website?

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