As a business owner, you can use all the help you can get in spreading the news about how great your business is. One of the most important and effective ways to do this is by using brand logos. Having the right brand logo design can make a world of difference to a company. 

Cements Identity

Brand logos create and communicate a company’s identity. It is part of the definition of “branding” and has been a part of “branding” ever since the Ancient Romans started to mark their cattle with irons saying that cow was theirs. Your logo lets consumers and competitors know that this is your company, and they can expect the best from you.   

Makes an Impression

Businesses that have a brand logo are more likely to have a favourable opinion in the eyes of a consumer. When a company puts themselves out there visually, customers perceive that company as being more honest and having a better quality product or service. 

Impacts Consumers

Every little detail in your logo comes together to have some impact on potential clients. This is why it is important to decide what you want your logo design to convey. To have the most effective brand logo design, make a descriptive logo that communicates what product or service your business offers using text and/or visual designs. 

Catches Attention

A logo is what the BBC calls a “functional signpost” to your business. It is what lets consumers know what your company is all about. It should be eye-catching and simple enough for the eyes to understand in 10 seconds. Once you have caught the eye and mind of the consumer, it can distinguish you from your competition. This helps build the respect and trust you need when building a business.

Makes you Unique

If your “functional signpost” accomplishes its goal of catching the consumer’s eye, you then need to be able to keep it in their mind. The average human sees about 5000 images a day, but the brain only remembers about twelve of those images. Be one of those twelve by using a quality image with good use of color, typography, and imagery that is different from anything else on the market. A good example of this is the Filipino company Yetito. This company sells bubble tea, but distinguishes itself from competitors by creating a cute mascot from its name “yeti”. There is no way that consumers can get them confused with another bubble tea seller.


Produces Loyalty

As stated before, logos are a great way of making your business noticed and making you memorable, but did you know that it helps keep consumers loyal to your brand? 89% of consumers are likely to stay loyal to a company that shares its values. One of the best ways that a company can reassure customers of this is by showing its identity in their logo.

Are You In Need of a Brand Logo?

Unlike other traditional methods of communication which have been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and the modern media world, the right designed brand logo is still as effective as it was in the ancient world. However, creating a quality image that utilizes all elements of logo design can be tricky for those with no experience. Luckily, Lakewood Web Design is here to help! Their friendly, experienced team works with you to create a brand logo that brings you the results you want. Just call at (888) 535-2762 or e-mail them at INFO@WEBDESIGNLAKEWOOD.COM to talk to someone today about the right brand logo for your business.