Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords. This statistic alone should already have you jumping out of your seat to start your first paid advertising campaign. You have to spend money to make money and, if you spend it right, you can make much more than expected along with gaining brand awareness and exposure when utilizing paid advertisements.

The Demise of Organic Reach

The fact of the matter is that organic reach is on the decline. While organic reach dropped from approximately 12% to 6%, Facebook’s stock price moved from nearly $50 to nearly $70, adding billions of dollars in market capitalization. These numbers should be very alarming to those who aren’t actively running paid advertisements, but promising to those who are running ads. 

Not only does this mean Facebook is profiting off of organic reach declining, but they will, most likely, make ad campaigns more appealing for consumers; thus, an endless cycle that lessens the impact of organic reach each time around.

Instant Results

Paid advertisements produce instant results that you can actually see. Even if your SEO isn’t the best, your ads will still be at the top of the search results page and skip all the extra work of trying to receive a more targeted organic reach. On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page which is extremely beneficial to those running these paid ad campaigns. 

Brand Awareness

Search ads can also increase brand awareness by 80% according to Google. Nearly doubling your brand awareness by simply utilizing affordable ad campaigns is a steal that you’re missing out on. With brand awareness comes more visitors, more engagements, and more website traffic, especially with display advertising. Not only is display advertising a major contributor to gaining website visitors, it has been proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%. 


Facebook Ads is probably the best place to start for advertising beginners. You can start a paid ad campaign for as little as $5 using Facebook Ads. This is as close to an effective free advertising campaign as you’re going to get in this market. This is a low-risk, high-reward scenario because you’re only spending a few dollars but gaining experience and insight into advertising. You can target a specific demographic based on factors like age, gender, location, interests, etc. This can ensure you’re reaching the exact audience that you want and getting the best bang for your buck throughout the duration of your ad campaign.

Utilize Analytics

If you have a paid ads campaign running then you will be able to read the data to see how well or how poorly your current strategy is doing. This will give you the ability to edit your cost-per-click ratio or analyze the amount of impressions or engagements so you can better understand how to improve your campaign. Understanding and updating these metrics are key to saving money and creating more website traffic for your brand.

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